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Rick Losk
With nineteen years of experience as a SQL Software Engineer using MS SQL Server, I have developed many ETL processes, reporting data marts and other applications. My courses can help you learn how to write efficient and maintainable SQL that always gets the job done!  Contact info
University of Chicago, MBA., Marketing Management (1982)
MIT, BS, Course XXII, Nuclear Science and Engineering (1978)
2012 to NowFour Diamond SQL
  •  SQL Training and Consulting services to Boston-area firms.
  •  Develop and deliver SQL Training for Business Professionals.
2003 - 2012Rick Losk, SQL Software Engineer (Independent Contractor)
  •  Efficient, maintainable and extensible SQL solutions.
  •  Data modeling, ETL, Reports, Data Marts, Web App DBs.
Clients and Projects:
IT Technical Staffing Services Provider (Return Engagement)
  •  Returned to modify data mart to source from new CRM system.
  •  Invented "constructed table" design to isolate transformation code.
IT Technical Staffing Services Provider
  •  Data integration, ETL, Data Mart (SQL Server 2008).
  •  Reduced ETL and query time by 50% on a dozen reports.
Health Care Data Warehousing Software Vendor
  •  ETL software for health care clients (SQL Server 2005).
  •  Integrated third-party provider data source into ETL design.
Retail Merchandise Planning BI Analytics Software Vendor
  •  Member of team testing ETL component (Oracle 11g).
  •  Designed and automated tests of new software releases.
State Physician Licensing Agency
  •  Back-end DB development & support for web application (SQL Server).
  •  Data modeling & DB design, stored procs, replication, performance.
Auto & Home Insurance Underwriter
  •  Modified data mart to source from new Data Warehouse (SQL Server).
  •  Integrated new source data into existing application.
ATM Cash Network Software Vendor
  •  Developed code (SQL Server) to generate 2-year weekly forecast.
  •  Designed to use existing code and integrate smoothly into product.
Auto & Home Insurance Underwriter (Return Engagement)
  •  Built new version of user-developed analytical data mart (SQL Server).
  •  Replaced monthly update with incremental daily update: 150% faster.
Auto & Home Insurance Underwriter
  •  Developed reports for new claims system (SQL Server).
  •  Pushed SQL processing to server, reduced query times by 35%.
Previous Employers:
2000 - 2002Pharma Information Program Vendor
  •  Developed OLAP data mart (Oracle).
  •  Extensive use of PL/SQL in data mart ETL.
2000Email Campaign Automation Vendor
  •  Developed data load and extract procedures (SQL Server).
  •  Streamlined and automated bulk-load process for testing.
1998 - 2000Footwear Manufacturer and Retailer
  •  Developed and supported corporate data warehouse (Oracle).
  •  Developed reports using BI tools, wrote SQL and PL/SQL ETL procs.