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SQL Programming

Course:  SQL Programming for Business Users
This instructor-led two-day intermediate-level course covers SQL query writing and data modification, T-SQL programming with stored procedures and user-defined functions, query performance tuning, and ETL process development.
Delivery: On-Site   Format: Hands-On 2 Days   Prerequisite: Knowledge of SQL Basics

Who Should Attend
This course is designed for business users who have experience writing queries and need to tune and automate their SQL to improve performance and maintainability.  Topics are illustrated with examples and hands-on exercises, and an ETL Design Challenge allows students to develop their skills.

ETL Design Challenge
Students work in groups to design an ETL process: data mapping, table and view design, stored procedures and functions, error-handling and logging. Includes review of SQL techniques and performance aspects of student and instructor solutions.

Course Topics (2 Days):
•  Review of SQL basics
•  Nested stored procedures
•  Data model, mapping, & ETL
•  Using [IF-ELSE] blocks
•  Indexes and performance
•  Cursors and WHILE loops
•  Advanced queries & subqueries
•  Review of built-in functions
•  Advanced data modification
•  Creating user-defined functions
•  Using TRY-CATCH error handling
•  Creating stored procedures
•  Writing to a log table